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Dance Floor Options

Dance Floor options include: Infinity (LED, mirrored) - Golden Infinity (LED, mirrored) - Classic Acrylic (LED) - Wooden Deck - Wooden White - White Charol

Uplight Led Lights

Uplight LED lights, also known as atmosphere lights, are located on the floor and can illuminate columns, palm trees, and patios. They are used on a fixed color of your choice (or combination of different colors)  and help to create a nice visual setting at the Venue.

DJ Booth options

Uno AV can offer 3 options for DJ booths: The first one is the LED booth, which can be used with slow color change, a single color, or can also be used "louder" with strong colors and effects. Our LED DJ Booth can also project bride & groom names (white letters on black background). The white rustic DJ booth is simple and elegant furniture, we can have (and design) the couple's logo printed on the frontal panel (illuminated).  The third choice is the deck DJ booth; it's simple and rustic (no names printed but we can add lights to it), perfect for beach receptions such as in Tulum.

Robotic lights - Moving heads

Robotic lights, also known as Moving Heads, are powerful lights that project colored patterns all around the Venue.

They are installed on trusses which can be illuminated on the bottom by a colored LED light.

VIDEO at Villa La Joya 1 - VIDEO 2 - VIDEO 3 - VIDEO at Akiin Tulum

Disco Ball 80's (Mirrored)

Mirrored Disco Ball, 80's style!

The ball is constantly twisting and a dedicated light is pointing at it; this creates the well-know effect of the little lights projected all around.

A nice touch of style over the dance floor!

Vintage illuminated "LOVE" Letters

Giant, wooden LOVE letters. Illuminated by simple vintage lights. Each letter is 1,5 mt Tall.

It works also as a great background for pictures!

String Lights

Each string light is approximately 48 ft longs and has 24 simple lights on it. They can be hung on palm trees or we can provide bases & poles to if there are no hanging points onsite. Chinese lanterns can also be used with these string lights.